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Seabuilt Tank Access Plate-8" Alum.


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A New Solution To An Old Problem...
The SeaBuilt Access Plate System is a one of a kind product that allows access to your diesel fuel, water and holding tanks - so you can perform the important task of cleaning - giving you peace of mind. Clean tanks mean better and safer boating.

A contaminated diesel fuel tank can become a serious safety concern especially when combined with sea conditions that agitate the tank, suspending the normally settled contaminants. This contamination can foul the fuel system filtration, fuel pickup tube or fuel line leading from the tank, leaving your boat - dead in the water.

SeaBuilt's Access Plate System is an ingenious, patented, easy-to-install clean out/inspection port that provides repeated leak free access for inspecting and cleaning diesel fuel tanks, water tanks and holding tanks. The split-foldable backing rings with internal and external gaskets enable the cover plate and backing rings to sandwich the tank wall, maintaining the integrity of the tank intact, while allowing for future access.