• Consignment rate is a 50/50 split
  • Longship Marine prices are based on what the market will bear; taking into account condition, age, item type, wholesale and online availability/pricing, and years of experience in consignment retail pricing, haggling, horsetrading, and bargaining. Longship will make every attempt to sell your item at it's assigned "start price" but we reserve the right to discount consignment items for seasonal sales and based on the specificity and length of time item is in the store. 
  • Monies earned accrues in your consignment account for use as in-store credit, removed in the form of a check, or for use on special order items through any of our vendors (Fisheries Supply, West Marine, Seattle Marine, Harken, Gill, and more!) Please keep in mind spending your money in-store helps us stay in business! Call to request a payout/check be mailed out or better yet, stop by and say hello! (Balances for less than $25 are not eligible for payouts and the credit must be spent in-store).
  • If bringing in more than 2 boxes/totes please call us for an appointment or we reserve the right to refuse your items depending on our manpower available that day to process and record your loot. We will email you your inventory list and pricing for your records. If you don't receive an electronic inventory please call. If preferred, request a paper copy of your inventory be snail mailed. 
  • Unsure if we will take your items? Call our shop! We cannot accept expired non-functioning items, flares, fuel cans with residual fuel, spent zincs, or other hazardous material. 
  • Longship may use Craigslist, Ebay, our own webstore and other forms of online advertising to promote your item. There may be fees associated with these outlets that will affect the net revenue received for sale of your item (for example, Craigslist charges $3-$5 per post as a listing fee).
  • Consigned items must remain in the store for a minimum of 90 days after drop off. Due to the amount of time spent on intake, pictures, drafting item descriptions, researching, etc., we request you do not advertise your item elsewhere or attempt to remove the item to sell privately. If you find an outside buyer, please have the courtesy to send the buyer to our store to purchase through Longship. This is to ensure that we are compensated for our time and overhead associated with storing and promoting your item(s) in a brick and mortar location. If you wish to remove an item before the allotted 90 days, a 20% fee based on starting price of your item will be assessed to remove the item.
  • Longship makes every attempt to care for your item but is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged consignment items. 


  • Returns on used items are accepted on a case by case basis, within 7 days of purchase, with valid receipt. Items are sold as-is and without warranty. That being said, we are reasonable humans and want you to be happy with your purchase. Contact store for details. (Credit card fees and/or restocking fees may apply to any return).


  • Longship is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We shred in-house documents set to be retired and will never sell your information to a third party. Collection of personal information is for direct communication between Longship and you. Use of this website is at your own risk and use of this website constitues a consent to our privacy policy.


  • Longship Marine ships ONLY within the USA unless special arrangements are made by phone. All orders are prepared for shipment after completed checkout. Please allow for up to 48 hours to prepare shipments. Orders are shipped using the selected method you as the customer chooses during checkout. Once location is entered, shipping fee is calculated. For local orders we offer an in-store pick up option! We do not issue refunds for lost, unclaimed, or undeliverable packages. If a package is damaged during transit or returned as undeliverable/unclaimed, it is the customer's responsibility to follow up with the shipping carrier. We will provide a tracking number for all shipments.