Aaron Wenholz, Owner.

Aaron first purchased Longship Marine in 2012 just two short years after it's inception. Prior to running Longship in all it's versatility, Aaron spent his days restoring cars and building/remodeling homes south of Seattle. He fell in love with sailboat racing on the Tacoma watefront and spent years sailing and racing his various boats almost daily. Maintenance and tuning on his race boats led to a career in sailboat rigging for Northwest Rigging of Anacortes. Since buying the store, Aaron rarely gets the pleasure of leaving the dock and has turned his sights to boat restoration. Presently, he's lost track of the number of boats he's restored but he just can't get enough of that scraping, sanding, and painting! His main fervor is saving notable wooden vessels. The last woody (a 1930 Mojean & Ericsson tugboat) provided skill training in sistering frames, steaming and replanking, and a complete reef and recaulk on her hull. His current project is land based; restoration of the 2-story historic 1908 Grieg Hall, also a woody, and Longship's NEW location. The upper level dancehall will function as an event center and house the various boater's classes hosted by Longship Marine. 


Nico Jensen, Sales Manager.

Nico joined Longship Marine in 2016 only a short year into "big" boat ownership. Her boating experience prior extended to paddling a very steady red canoe with her dog Zeke in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Unable to leave well-enough alone, Nico immediately set to reorganizing the then foreign shiny doodads of Longship Marine and has since become an expert on what each doodad is called, it's function, and most importantly, where it lives in the store! A neverending job. Her first boat, a 1946 Mathews Sedan Cruiser taught her the ways of diesel boat maintenance, painting and varnishing and how to think like water (AKA find the leaks!) Her career has mainly been in the emergency medical and nursing assistant fields and her desire is to bring educational classes to Longship Marine on various marine safety and maintenance topics, creating a true go-to "boater's community hub" with services, product, and seminars. She lives aboard enjoying the salty lifestyle in Liberty Bay and has too many boats.

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