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Benefits of Supporting Longship Marine




 Save money by buying gently used items at a fraction of the new cost!

Support local business. Your purchase contributes funds AND interpersonal connections into a dynamic and entrepreneurial historic downtown waterfront community!

Convenience! Our vendors deliver orders 5 days a week to our store! Take that Amazon Prime!

Waste Reduction. Re-purpose items into a new use or artistic medium.

Support your neighbors. The items you buy come from your neighbors, not a large corporation. Your purchase literally offsets the cost of and funds your neighbor’s boat habit making boating affordable.

With over 3500 consignors, we average 2-6 new consignment loot drop-offs a day…a unique and eclectic collection of functional and decorative boating items make each trip to Longship a different experience.

Boat parts sold by boaters. Our crew eats, sleeps, and breathes boating and boat maintenance. In fact, it’s hard to get them to talk about much else…real advice born of real experience.